Shade cloth fabric sails are the most popular item in the shade industry. Combined with modern computer technology and an extensive range of fabrics, we can offer the latest and the best in shade sail designs and applications. They are a new style of architecture, using shade cloth and other fabrics. Sails can be created in almost any shape, from simple triangles, squares and rectangles to complex multi sided designs.

A new transitional living zone has been created between the sterile indoors and harsh outdoors. This new zone is quite different to the living areas under solid awnings, polycarbonates, canvas, metal roofing, because shade cloth �breathes� to significantly cooler, reduce temperature underneath while it excludes heat, glare and UV. Exclusion of UV rays in these areas provides a healthy outdoor environment minimizing the danger of skin cancer. It has dramatic impact on the aesthetics of a building and has the potential to quickly and cost effectively increase both living areas and property values. Shade sails provide economical roofing extensions to existing residential or commercial properties. No maintenance is required.

SunCool shade sails knitted construction prevents fraying or tearing and made from longlife commercial grade fabrics for greater strength which offer up to 99% UV protection (depending on makes & colours) or a architectural membrane (tarp and other industrial fabrics/canvas may be cheaper but they will stretch in high temperature conditions then fill with rain water) providing all weather protection. It has doubled stitched edges and reinforced corners to last a long time. It is durable with a life expectancy exceeding 10 years.

We select the best UV stabilized heavy duty commercial grade shade cloth or performing membranes, so you get the most from your investment.


Sails are recommended for:

Swimming pools, playgrounds, patios, terraces, gardens, glass windows, car porch, car parking areas, outdoor entertaining areas, fish ponds, fountains, BBQ areas, houses in golf courses (prevent golf balls from hitting the glasses, roof, pool and act as privacy screen) etc.

Kindergartens, schools, day care centres, sport fields, golf courses, hotels, recreation clubs, car parking areas, fast food, restaurants, stalls, offices, warehouses, supermarkets, shops, boat display area, exhibitions, etc.